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Made in the U.S.A.

Patent 6099015

Heavy Duty

Rugged construction - made from high quality steel, the AO50 Cody Hitch has a 35,000 lb GVW and 7,500 lb gross tongue weight rating. A heavy, dual boxed beam, center section formed from 1/4" steel plate, with a 1/2" wall, stress-proof steel tubing ball socket, welded top and bottom as an additional brace make this hitch virtually indestructible.


Cody Gooseneck Hitch

30 Years of Design Refinement  for the

Ultimate Heavy Duty Gooseneck Hitch

If you’d rather pay for a high quality product than high priced advertising and sponsorships, read on and see why a Cody Gooseneck Hitch is the right choice for you.  We’ll show you why Cody is unmatched for strength, ease of use and reliability.  We invite you to compare.

Reliable and Easy to Use

Reversible Ball

Safety Chain Hooks

The patented reversible ball can be flipped over in seconds, not minutes, by simply lifting, turning, and triggering the latch mechanism from inside the bed.


Most Cody Gooseneck Hitches are now being shipped with the unique Cody Safety Chain System. Two hardened steel hooks secure with a quick twist. This system does not require drilling or installation. Traditional U-Bolt safety chain devices are available if desired.

When you play this video, you'll see that it doesn't get any quicker or easier than this. From a heavy duty hitch to a smooth bed in seconds without being in the dirt.


The straight through design allows dirt and water to pass through, reducing freeze-up problems.

Affordable & Universal

The very affordable suggested retail price makes it easy to own this first class gooseneck hitch.


The Cody Hitch can be adjusted to accommodate virtually any truck from new to 30 years old.

Cody Hitch
No Drill Kits
Cody Hitch User/Install Manual
Tundra Installation