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If you've been looking for something to take the jolt out of gooseneck towing, you've probably seen both air cushion solutions and pendulum solutions.  The Cody Cushion combines those with an adjustable air spring and a rubber dampened pendulum to go a step above the rest for an amazing ride difference in an easy to use, heavy duty, package. This is an industrial quality unit, built of 5/8" steel and heavy duty components.
Take a minute to watch this video  and you'll see how easy it is to install and remove the Cody Cushion with the Cody Hitch.  As you watch, you'll see the Cody Cushion isolating the truck and trailer from passing the road jolts and vibrations back and forth. Notice the wide variety of motion absorbing much more impact than others with just a single action.  When you're ready for the smoothest possible gooseneck towing experience, use a Cody Cushion!


Manufacturer of

Patent #7740266

The Cody Cushion now works with most removable ball gooseneck hiches including the Cody Hitch, B&W Hitch, PopUp FlipBall Hitch, Drawtight Hitch, Hidden Hitch, Valley Hitch Stow-A-Ball Hitch, flatbed and weld-in installations.


Because the Cody Cushion mounts to your truck hitch, not a trailer, it works with every gooseneck trailer you hook up to, not just one

The unique Cody Cushion lets you enjoy the ride qualities of an expensive air ride system like the big rigs. Increasing driver comfort by ironing out road seams and bumps isn�t the only advantage of the Cody Cushion. By smoothing the hammering action between the trailer and hitch, the air cushion ride saves wear and tear on your tow vehicle, trailer, load, and the hitch itself.


Combination Air Spring and Rubber Cushioned Pendulum for the ultimate in smooth ride


Adjustable air spring for load specific cushioning 


Designed to fit the CODY HITCH and other common gooseneck hitches


Rated for up to 4500 lbs vertical tongue weight


Optional Self Leveling kit coming soon



Cody Cushion Users Manual
Cody Cushion Mounting Stubs


Made in the U.S.A.