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At Quick Hitch, Inc. we are committed to building the highest quality hitch products. It's our belief that a great hitch is one that's strong and safe with a minimum of moving parts to wear or maintain, yet with the features and convenience you want. The Cody line of hitch products are strong, safe and easy to use. We will continue to provide solutions for installation, ease of use and comfort for your towing needs.

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In 1977, Dewey Marcy, an engineer with Farmhand, Inc. started his own business developing agricultural related machinery. In 1994 he founded Quick Hitch, Inc. to manufacture and market a gooseneck hitch he'd designed, developed, built and installed for local industrial users and farmers. After years of real life testing and growing demand, the popularity of the Cody Hitch showed that there was a market for a tough, reliable, simple, and universal hitch system that offered the benefits of a clear box floor when not in use.


Starting with the help of four local business men, Quick Hitch, Inc. expanded manufacture and marketing of the Cody Hitch. Steady growth and innovation have turned Quick Hitch, Inc. into a national company with a line of hitch products based on 30 yrs of ‘in the field’ use and testing and sound engineering. 


In 2000, Quick Hitch, Inc. outgrew our manufacturing facilities and moved into a newly built, modern, hitch factory just outside of Greeley, CO.  Equipped with computerized machinery and staffed with experienced and dedicated personnel, Quick Hitch, Inc. is ready and able to service our ever expanding customer base and continue to develop and produce our high quality, Cody Hitch line of products.



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